...with good times and good news, with good friends we can't loose. This could become a habit!

Today was mainly a travel day. Sadly, it was time to leave Tortuguero. Our local tour guides will be missed. They really took the time to give us great information. We were thankful for Luis' knowledge and Jason's eagle eyes (ability to spot camouflaged animals while driving a boat). We will miss you guys! But as Ruth, our travel guide said, "This place is like a treasure" and there are many more treasures for us to discover. -Off to Fortuna
Along our way, we learned about some plant life. A lesson for the day... How to pick out a tasty pineapple! (If you ask us, we would say come to Costa Rica. Really, not kidding. Their pinas are better than any others we have tasted.)

But if you can't come here, the Costa Ricans say to look for:
1. Big eyes
2. Golden bottom
3. Green leaves
4. Symmetrical

Pineapples seem to be the theme today (or really any day in Costa Rica). For breakfast, we had some yummy pineapple jelly.

Note:  The food shots are for Francis, Jeff's old friend and our new friend.
Another interesting tidbit:
In Costa Rica, they call bananas flowers because they come from the chira. The yellow parts are baby bananas.
Noni   An interesting fruit! It is used in Costa Rica for many medicinal purposes. We were instructed not to eat it, because it is a natural laxative.
Favorites for the day! We all agree! It is this baby three-toed sloth (pere sozo)!
After eating lunch, sisters Laura and Linda, other friends we have met in our travels, came to get us. She had found one of Costa Rica's treasures! Lazily eating from a low branch, this baby sloth was entertaining everyone. He was as close to us as a single-story roof top. This  was totally unexpected and extremely exciting! Thank you, Laura and Linda!
Dinner with our friends. We are so appreciative with their eagerness to share their discoveries.
7/25/2013 12:53:36 pm

I'm enjoying reading your blog. What a fabulous trip! Thanks for posting the food pix, and enjoy your travels!

7/26/2013 09:09:40 am

Thanks for following us Frances. It's great to know we have a follower from Canada. We heard you have a blog of your own. Please share the link. Would love to check it out!

7/26/2013 11:11:48 pm

Thanks – great pictures in your new post! My blog is at franceskraft.wordpress.com. I mentioned yours yesterday and provided a link at the end of my wild rice recipe.

7/25/2013 10:40:11 pm

More amazing pictures of sloths!!! We were in CR 17 days and did not get the chance to see sloths that up close. You are lucky gals!!! :) I could never get tired of sloth sightings;) Just went to the zoo and saw all the new exhibits. We have a sloth now! Oh and yes! Aren't those the BEST pineapples ever????


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